High Performance Climbing Team

Fuel your competitive fire. Train alongside athletes claiming national and state titles as well as representing Australia on the world stage. We’re not just talking talk, our climbers are podium regulars. This year, some are even gunning for global glory, training to go to the world championships.

Claim your spot on the podium. Contact us today to unleash your inner champion.

Bring home the gold.

Our high performance team is available to athletes by invitation and combines climbing technique, mindset sessions and strength and conditioning training to give you the best results possible.

  • Precision Climbing: Unlock the secrets of efficient movement and conquer new routes with confidence.
  • Climbers Mindset: The mindset of a high end climber is just as important as your skillset. Learn how to tame the voice inside and use it to your advantage.
  • Strength and Conditioning: Get coached strength and conditioning training. Grip tighter, climb longer and ascend to the top.
  • Like minded individuals: Climbing is a community, climb with people you know, at a similar level. Share beta, compete together and love the sport.

There’s a few ways to get an invite to Climb Brisbane’s high performance team:

  1. Work your way through our kids / adult squad program and be recommended by your coach
  2. Earn a podium place at a state or national event.
  3. Try out for the team on one of our high performance team try-out days.

Not sure if you meet the criteria? Come and talk to us, we’re here to help and if you’re willing to put in the effort we’re willing to listen.

Yes, we understand that not everyone wants to compete with others. If you climb outside and your regular level is 26+ please let us know.

Unfortunately not, to keep it fair for the climbers that are training for events we need to have them climbing with other high level climbers. You are more than welcome to come and climb and be belayed by someone else however at the same time.

Come and see us, email us or give us a call and our helpful staff will be able to answer your questions or if they don’t know the answer they will get our high performance coach to give you a call back.

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Want to find out more about our High Performance Team? Call, email or just come into the gym for a chat.

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