Climb Brisbane – FAQ

Bookings are not required at Climb Brisbane. We also don’t have maximum session times, so simply turn up and start climbing for as long as your grip strength lasts! All of our passes are day passes, so you can even leave for lunch and come back in the afternoon.

We don’t have any session times. You can turn up in the morning and climb all day if you want. Because all of our passes are day passes you can even leave for lunch and come back later to finish out your day.

Yes! We have 2 auto belays in our Brisbane gym. We usually have 3 climbs per auto belay set at a range of difficulty levels. Use the auto belay as a solo climber or just for warming up before hitting the lead walls, it’s up to you!

Our auto-belays and ropes are like rock climbing cheerleaders, always ready to catch you and celebrate your ascent! While they’re designed for a wide range of climbers, their maximum weight limit is 140kg.

The minimum weight limit for both our auto belays and ropes is 15kg, this ensures we can get you back to solid ground safely.

Find us

We’re open 7 days a week, with ample on-site parking available.
61 Sandstone Place

Parkinson, QLD, 4115

Our Hours
2pm – 9pm
2pm – 9pm
2pm – 9pm
2pm – 9pm
2pm – 9pm
10am – 6pm
10am – 4pm

Good Friday – Closed
Saturday 30th – 10am till 2pm
Sunday 31st – Closed
Easter Monday – 10am till 2pm