Climb Brisbane – FAQ

Bookings are not required at Climb Brisbane. We also don’t have maximum session times, so simply turn up and start climbing for as long as your grip strength lasts! All of our passes are day passes, so you can even leave for lunch and come back in the afternoon.

We don’t have any session times. You can turn up in the morning and climb all day if you want. Because all of our passes are day passes you can even leave for lunch and come back later to finish out your day.

Yes! We have 2 auto belays in our Brisbane gym. We usually have 3 climbs per auto belay set at a range of difficulty levels. Use the auto belay as a solo climber or just for warming up before hitting the lead walls, it’s up to you!

Our auto-belays and ropes are like rock climbing cheerleaders, always ready to catch you and celebrate your ascent! While they’re designed for a wide range of climbers, their maximum weight limit is 140kg.

The minimum weight limit for both our auto belays and ropes is 15kg, this ensures we can get you back to solid ground safely.

Terms and Conditions

Ready to climb? This Day Pass gets you:

One-day access: Climb to your heart’s content for a full day at either our Climb Brisbane or Climb Toowoomba location.
Climbing only: Please note that gear rental and classes are not included with this pass. Our friendly staff can help you with any rental needs.


This pass is valid for individuals aged 18 and over.
This pass is for a single day’s use only.
By purchasing a Day Pass, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Valid Locations:

Climb Brisbane
Climb Toowoomba

Membership Benefits:

Unlimited climbing access at the valid locations listed above.
Participation in all offered squad classes.
One (1) guest pass included per month.
15% discount on all purchases in the retail shop.
Please note: Gear hire is not included with this membership.


Weekly billing will be applied automatically.


You are free to cancel your membership at any time.
A 30-day notice period is required for all cancellations.

Membership Holds:

Membership holds are available free of charge for a maximum of 6 weeks within a calendar year.
A 30-day notice period is required for placing your membership on hold (except under special circumstances, e.g., COVID-19 isolation or documented injury).
When requesting a hold, a specific return date must be provided.
Holds can be placed for a maximum of four consecutive weeks, with exceptions for serious injuries, sickness, or travel exceeding four weeks (documented proof required).

Long-Term Absences:

Memberships placed on hold for more than 6 consecutive weeks without providing a return date or reason for absence will be automatically cancelled.

When signing up for this membership, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

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We’re open 7 days a week, with ample on-site parking available.
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