Adult Climbing Squad!

Join our community of adventurous adults at Climb Brisbane! We offer an inclusive environment where you can learn, grow, and conquer new heights together.

Climbing isn’t a solo sport. At Climb Brisbane, you’ll find a supportive community of adults who will cheer you on as you reach your goals.

Our Adult Climbing Squad is all inclusive and our experienced coaches will help you get the most from your climbing.

Free squad trial

Looking to join our adults climbing squad classes but not quite sure if it’s the right fit. Simply come along and let us know it’s your first class and you can join in for free. No lesson cost, no gear hire fee.

Forget age limits, ignite your passion! Our team of dedicated instructors are fueled by enthusiasm and a drive to empower adults through climbing. They’ll be your guide, coach, and personal hype squad, cheering you on as you conquer new heights and discover your inner champion.

  • Develop physical prowess: Build strength, agility, and coordination like never before by scaling diverse climbing routes.
  • Master climbing techniques: Become a confident ascender with expert instruction on footwork, hold selection, and movement strategies.
  • Embrace challenges: Go beyond your comfort zone with a progressive approach to route difficulty and celebrate every victory.
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration: Share the joy of climbing with peers, build trust, and learn to support one another.
  • Boost self-esteem and resilience: Experience the thrill of conquering personal goals and develop the determination to overcome obstacles.

first time free


Get your first squad class free. Simply come along and let us know its your first time.

weekly membership


All of our weekly memberships include squad classes. Simply sign up for a membership and get unlimited entry into the gym as well as access to our squad classes!

* Hire equipment included in free trial. Hire equipment is not included in weekly membership

Contact Us

Want to find out more about our Adult Squads? Call, email or just come into the gym for a chat.

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